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Your local, South African, online store!

Everything we sell supports local, South African entrepreneurs.

We are passionate about our country, South Africa, the diversity of the people and their unique offerings.

Lifestyle Local was started with the intent to fuel this passion.

At Lifestyle Local we source only the best lifestyle products, produced on local soil – and offer it to you in one convenient online store.

Lifestyle Local is the brainchild of Herman and Thea Brönner, an enthusiastic entrepreneur power couple from our beautiful Mother City – Cape Town.

Watch this space as our local lifestyle product offering will keep on growing as we go!


The idea was to start-up as an Online Store to get a feel of what the market place and industry really needs on a day to day basis – and then to expand by creating our own Warehouse in Cape Town.
Lifestyle Local’s vision is to support our local community and at the same time also to support small businesses to grow and to create employment.
We need to set an example for our children – to educate them on how to become entrepreneurs and create jobs. It is vital that we support our local community as we have so much talent and potential in South Africa and must use it.
Our long term goal is to export our own brands – as we believe we offer the best!